Trindolyn Beck

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The Art of Trindolyn Beck

I think of my work more as illustration than some kind of pure art. The images I produce reflect a vision in my head or feeling I want to share.

I am a classically educated artist since the age of thirteen. I am well versed in the traditions of oil, watercolor, acrylics, pastel and ceramics. For the last twenty years my emphasis and fascination has been painting with pixels. Currently my medium of choice is 3D softwares combined with other electronical drawing programs. In much the way photography changed the world of painting as the “only real art”, modern programs are allowing artists to work in real time, from all angles of a subject to create a new vision.

For me everything is just a tool to be learned. It requires much concentration and skill to produce a 3D piece, as much, I think, as any pencil or brush.

Please enjoy my work and thank the galleries for giving us all a place to express ourselves.

A PASSAGE IN TIME by Viktor Stroganoff

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ICE by McFisto Furse

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GALERIA LX – Opening

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Uffff…….we made it.

Two hours from opening time we had our gallery empty. We had to cancel our scheduled exhibition.

The opening of Galeria LX was a success šŸ™‚

Two Exhibitions:

“ICE” by McFisto Furse

“A PASSAGE IN TIME” by Viktor Stroganoff

You can visit the exhibition till 15th July.



Chloe Mills Exhibition Cancelled

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Due to personal reasons Chloe Mills Exhibition was cancelled.

Chloe Mills at Galeria LX

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30th June will be our opening. Don’t Miss Chloe Mills exhibition at Galeria LX.

Who is Chloe?

Factory Superstar is my current project. I’m creating RL art out of SL photography.

In these pieces I experiment with the depth, perception, and deconstruction of flat images. All of the images are taken from photographs of Secondlife and many of the same images are replicated throughout each piece. Highly superficial from a distance yet strangely intricate from a closer perspective, I think these pieces say a lot about Secondlife in general. In trying to capture the individual personalities of my various SL friends and encounters, I feel like I ended up capturing a whole lot more.

Monk’s Terrace

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Monkā€™sĀ Terrace

This is the name of one of our Two Worlds. We have an audio stream of Jazz tunes and a Terrace where you can talk with your friends or meet new ones. We are willing to give you in the future some interesting events related to Jazz.

Stay Tuned!

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Welcome to Two Worlds. Here you will find information about our In-World projects.